Environmental Monitoring Services (ENV)

The environmental monitoring services are aimed at all our Clients who need on-site monitoring to obtain authorizations and / or to maintain them. The good implementation of a monitoring depends on the design of it that is normally deduced from a PMA drawn up on the basis of the specific technical reference legislation to support the industrial activities or program under study.

The areas of investigation may concern the following environmental compartments:

  • air, soil and subsoil, surface and deep waters, onshore and offshore sediments;
  • fauna, flora, vegetation, landscape, ecosystem (terrestial, fluvial and marine);
  • archaeology;
  • acoustic and odorous emissions;
  • waste;
  • specific surveys: SBES / MBES bathymetric surveys, detailed topography (traditional, drones, laser-scanner), remote sensing (high and medium resolution, multi and hyperspectral image analysis).

The results of monitoring can also be used for the calibration of environmental modelling (air, soil, fresh/marine water, noise, sediment).
We support our Customers in defining the methods for processing and management data, also by using and preparing geo-databases (GIS) and managing relations with competent authorities and the stakeholders.

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