SHELTER is able to provide professional consulting services differentiating the approach and content as per Clients expectations. In particular the most important services we can provide to the market are the following:

  • Permitting Services (PER)
    Permitting services are all those activities that support our Clients to obtain site/project authorisations from the competent authorities, according to Italian requirements and abroad as per International Standards.
  • Compliance Services (CPL)
    Compliance Services have the focus to sustain our Clients to reach their HSE standards and performances. We assist companies to design, plan and implement processes and systems able to guarantee the compliance against legal and permit requirements, their Corporate policies and if necessary International Standards.
  • Audit Services (ADT)
    Aiming to ensure the law compliance relative to Health, Safety and Environment aspects, we offer audit services for the Client organisation, a specific project or equipment and M&A cases and financial transactions.
  • Environmental Monitoring (ENV)
    The environmental monitoring services are aimed at all our Clients who need on-site monitoring to obtain authorizations and / or permits or to maintain them. The good implementation of a monitoring depends on the design of it that is normally deduced from a PMA drawn up on the basis of the specified tchnical reference legislation to support the industrial activities or program under study.
  • Legal Advisor Services (LEG)
    Legal Advisory Services aiming to support our Clients, specifically the Client's Legal Department, on technical aspects (e.g. as CTP – Consulente Tecnico di Parte) requested during legal proceedings development.

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