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SHELTER is a consulting company founded in 2010 by senior professionals in environmental, health and safety businesses.
The company is based in Milan and it is composed of about 20 employees plus an intensive collaboration with partners.

SHELTER provides in the industry market the following consultancy services: Permitting, Compliance, Audit, Environmental Monitoring, Legal Advisor.
SHELTER is able to provide professional consulting services differentiating the approach and content as per Clients expectations.

Case studies

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Added values

logo listFinal IPPC Permit granted in 2011
logo listRisk Control
logo listRegulatory Compliance

Client Situation

permitting 4In 2007 the Client applied for the IPPC Permit for a site following the Local IPPC Procedure.
The relevant technical documentation was prepared by the site and submitted to the Competent Authorities.
In 2010 the Competent Authorities granted a temporary IPPC Permit which was bound to the implementation of a number of prescriptions to be effective according to the existing enforced legislation.


IPPC Permit prescriptions included:

  • Implementation of an energy management system
  • Adoption of stricter point source air emission limits
  • Upgrade of the dusts and  fluoride emissions existing monitoring systems
  • Preparation of a study aimed to reduce fluoride emissions at source
  • Reduction and control of diffuse emissions
  • Upgrade of the dust abatement systems


  • Implementation of an Energy Management System: development of specific energy management procedure according to the BREFs of reference
  • Air Emissions Monitoring Systems: preparation of  feasibility studies and adoption of stationary TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy System) based monitoring system
  • Pot room covering upgrade: Identification of a number of  interventions aimed to upgrade the pot room coverings based on a root cause analysis
  • Air Emissions Limits: negotiation with the Competent Authorities, resulting in the adoption of new point emission limits not entailing excessive costs
  • Diffuse Emissions Reduction: negotiation with the Competent Authorities, resulting in the approval for interventions alternative to those initially prescribed by the Authorities providing the same environmental protection level at lower costs


  • Final IPPC Permit granted in 2011
  • Risk Control
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Performance Improvement
  • Cost reduction

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