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SHELTER is a consulting company founded in 2010 by senior professionals in environmental, health and safety businesses.
The company is based in Milan and it is composed of about 20 employees plus an intensive collaboration with partners.

SHELTER provides in the industry market the following consultancy services: Permitting, Compliance, Audit, Environmental Monitoring, Legal Advisor.
SHELTER is able to provide professional consulting services differentiating the approach and content as per Clients expectations.

Case studies

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Added values

logo listTechnical assistance resulted as instrumental to provide the Legal Department with supporting information and assessments in the framework of the on going trial

Client Situation

businness 4Following a property transfer, a major Oil&Gas Company is currently bringing a civil action in a criminal proceedings against  the former owner of an industrial site in northern Italy.
The former owner is charged with having not adopted  the appropriate measures to protect the workers exposed to chemical carcinogens at the workplace, resulting in a number of occupational diseases  and fatalities.


The Company Legal Department needs technical assistance for evaluating the exposure to carcinogens scenario at the concerned areas of the plant at the time of the former owner site management.


  • Retrieval and evaluation of the available relevant documentation, including the occupational medical surveillance records, in order to identify  the workers exposure profiles related to the chemical  agents  they have been exposed to during the period time of concern
  • Preparation of a specific database of the concerned workers
  • Attending coordination meeting with the Legal Department
  • Attending hearings


Technical assistance  resulted as instrumental  to provide the Legal Department with supporting information and assessments  in the framework of the on going trial

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