Audit Services (ADT)

Aiming to ensure the law compliance relative to Health, Safety and Environment aspects, we offer audit services for the Client organisation, the specific project or equipment and M&A cases and financial transaction. Some of the offered audit types are presented hereinafter:

  • HSE Complance  Audits (regulatory system)
  • Corporate HSE Compliance Audits (company organisation)
  • Project HSE Compliance Audits (project specific)
  • Suitability/Compliance Vessel/Platform Audits (equipment specific)
  • Due Diligence Audits (M&A cases and financial transaction)
  • ETS (Emission Trading System) compliance and verification audit

In particular, audit service includes some interview with staff, inspection of site conditions to understand the HSE status, hence to achieve Client expectations. Audit service is a valid tool to elaborate subsequently an improvement plan which will guarantee an improvement of HSE performances obviously respecting applicable legal requirements.

Case studies

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