Permitting Services (PER)

Permitting services are all those activities that help our Clients to obtain site/project authorisations from the competent authorities, according to Italian requirements and abroad as per International Standards. Most relevant examples of activities included in such service is reported hereinafter:

  • ENVIID assessment (or PEIA)
  • Environmental and Social baseline studies
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESHIA)
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) authorisation
  • National and Local Authorisation assistance and management
  • Noise, Air, Water modelling studies
  • Emission Trading authorisation (ETS)

We offer to our Clients assistance in all the project phases in order to speed up the permitting process and grant the permit to operate. In particular we help Clients to get the Integrated Pollution Prevention Control authorization or to receive positive decision from the Competent Authority for the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure for any kind of plant/project, evaluating site conditions, developing baseline studies and asses the impacts of industrial/project activities on environment assuring the Client favourable outcome.

In addition, in the perspective to follow the mandatory requirements and Client expectations, we are able to conduct modelling studies about noise, air and water in order to have a clear idea about the possible scenarios in the site/project and therefore to obtain precious details for the specific case and improving the forecasting of the future activities.

Finally, concerning the Emission Trading assessment, Shelter is able to help our Clients to evaluate, assess and monitor the CO2 amounts released in the atmosphere in order to achieve the EU objectives and receive benefits from the market.

Case studies

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