Compliance Services (CPL)

Compliance Services have the focus to help our Clients to reach their HSE standards and performances. We assist companies to design, plan and implement processes and systems able to guarantee the compliance against legal and permit requirements, their Corporate policies and if necessary International Standards.

In particularly, we offering services to develop and maintain standard operating procedures for environmental, health and safety international standards compliance (e.g. OHSAS 18001); assists in the development and presentation of training to insure compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations including reporting and record keeping requirements.

In the last years, the extensive experience acquired while completing several management systems projects for many different Clients allowed us to elaborate a practical and cost-effective approach to HSE Integrated Management System (IMS) development. Shelter approach is to streamline the HSE IMS development process in order to build up a pragmatic, realistic and effective system able to achieve tangible benefits and cost-saving results. Main services are:

  • HSE and processes gap analysis
  • HSE IMS project design and development
  • HSE IMS Training
  • HSE IMS pre-verification and compliance audits
  • HSE IMS and 231 law integration system
  • HSE IMS for complex international project (as per International standards)
  • Specific HSE studies and assessments (e.g. WWTP, asbestos, air emission, waste management, modelling, etc.) in the framework of the HSE IMS
  • HSE Monitoring Plans (e.g. Air Emissions, Waste Management, Wastewater Management, Chemical Management, etc.)
  • HSE Mitigation Plans and Procedures (e.g. Spill Contingency Plan, Noise Management Plan, First Aid Plan, etc.)
  • ESIA Mitigation Plans as per mandatory requirements (e.g. MATT)
  • Permit management assistance (e.g. compliance maintenance and proceeding implementation)
  • ETS monitoring plans

Finally, as per our international project experience matured with International Oil Companies (IOCs) and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPCs) Clients we are able to support our Clients to develop HSE project packages as per contract and local requirements. In this sense we can develop HSE Mitigations Plans and Procedures as Waste Management, Spill Contingency, First Aid, etc.

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